Lab Workshop Embedded RTOS - Batch III

                      Course Overview

About the Program :

In today’s increasing global market place, successful companies are finding that investments in hardware and software are no longer enough to maintain a competitive edge. Human elements with specialized engineering and design skills have become the essential part of the equation. Given the complex tasks that today’s computing devices are required to perform, it’s crucial that the operating systems that drive them are stable, fast and efficient. This course provides foundational materials on RTOS for embedded applications, including task scheduling, memory allocation and resource management. The objective of the course is to give students solid introductory knowledge on Real-Time OS and how to develop applications using RTOS. Learners gain an understanding of the RTOS architecture and acquire the practical skills involved in building an embedded system solutions using FreeRTOS. As a part of this course, we are introducing a remote hardware Lab, and the participants will be able to do the experiments using this platform. This course can be very useful for UG as well as PG students, along with research scholars in the initial phases of their PhD study and course work.

  • Who should attend?  :  Engineering students, recent graduates and young professionals with back ground in Embedded C and ARM Cortex Microcontrollers. 
  • Duration: 65 Hours (Theory: 13 hours & Lab : 52 hours) ; 24X7 Self-paced using Recorded Lectures 
  • Certificate Criteria: 50 % for assignments and 50 % for exit test
  • Contents: Lectures, demos, Lab experiments and Mini project
  • Mode of Delivery: Theory sessions shall be delivered through online mode using recorded lectures by NPTEL. Lab demo (recorded) and live sessions shall be delivered through online mode by NIELIT Calicut. Lab experiments and Mini Project shall be done using open source/licence free tools.

Important Dates

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Major topics:

  • Embedded C Programming
  • Introduction to Embedded Software – Real-Time Vs Non Real-Time
  • Overview of RTOS
  • System Architecture of FreeRTOS
  • Thread Creation and management
  • Inter Thread Communication
  • Thread Synchronisation mechanisms
  • Porting of FreeRTOS and applications to ARM Cortex Microcontrollers
  • Mini Project

  Support Team

                        1. Workshop coordinator - Shri. Rajesh M: 94472 17649 ; rajesh[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]inrajesh.m[at]nielit[dot]gov[dot]in

                        2. For Support Contact - Shri. Manoj N, PTO :  94467 83170,  manoj[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]inmanoj[at]n@nielit[dot]gov[dot]in