Introduction to MATLAB & Simulink - SMART Lab Free Course

Learn Core Skills

  • Introduction to MATLAB 
  • Basic MATLAB Programming Skills
  • Introduction to Simulink


Duration and Fees

  • 5 Hours (5 Days/ 1 Hour) 
  • Theory-5 Hours      

Course Fees: Nil/-

Starting Date - 10th of every month (in the case of public holidays, the last working day before the 10th is considered).

Last date of Registration: 8th of every month (in the case of public holidays, the last working day before the 8th is considered).

Starting and Last Date of Registration
Month Starting date of Registration Last Date of Registration Course Starting Date
February 11th Jan 24 7th Feb 24 9th Feb 24
March 12th Feb 24 6th Mar 24 8th Mar 24
April 11th Mar 24 8th Apr 24 10th Apr 24

The candidate has to complete a minimum of 50% of the course content, and an exit test is mandatory and is of qualifying nature.

Why would you enroll for this Course?

This is a foundation course for MATLAB & MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory) is a powerful and widely used programming language and software environment primarily designed for numerical computing, data analysis, and visualization. It offers a range of tools and functions that are particularly useful for engineers, scientists, researchers, and professionals in various fields.


This course is designed for beginners to provide introduction about MATLAB & Simulink.

Mode of Delivery

Platform: NIELIT LMS

These courses will be offered through LMS starting on the 10th day of every month. We will provide the course through LMS, a welcome mail will be sent on the previous day (9th day of every month) and the student will be allowed to attend the course for 5 days. A WhatsApp group will be started for every batch, which can be used for day to-day communication.


Basic knowledge of any programming language is recommended, but not mandatory. 


The candidate should have 60% attendance, exit test and feedback are mandatory for certification.

Contact us 

Akula Sri Rama Pavan
Scientist – ‘B’
Ph.: 8904310403
Email: pavan[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in