Skilled Manpower Advanced Research and Training (SMART) facility or Virtual Prototyping Lab is set up at NIELIT Calicut as part of Chip to Start-up (C2S) programme of MeitY for the proliferation of advanced VLSI and Embedded system design training, research, and electronics systems development across the country.

To learn electronics hardware and embedded system design concepts, and to acquire design skills, it is inevitable to practise laboratory experiments. Skilled Manpower Advanced Research and Training (SMART) facility for conducting skilled training programmes through remote hardware facility in the state-of-the-art areas of Embedded System, VLSI, & Electronic Product Design.

* Courses of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels complexity shall be started in a phased manner. 





The beginner level programmes in the areas of VLSI and Embedded

S No Course Name Course Fee Start Date Course Tenure Regn Link
1. Embedded for Beginners Free 10-04-2024 5 Days + 1 SMART Lab Session (1-Week)
2. VLSI for Beginners Free 10-04-2024 5 Days + 1 SMART Lab Session (1-Week)
3. Python for Beginners Free 10-04-2024 5 Days 
4. Introduction to MATLAB & Simulink Free 10-04-2024  5 hrs - Daily (1 hr Theory + 1 hr Lab)
5. MicroPython Primer Free 22-04-2024 5 Days + 1 SMART Lab Session (1-Week)
6. RISC-V programming primer Free Will be announced 5 Days + 1 SMART Lab Session (1-Week)
7. Machine Learning using Python Free Will be announced  10 hrs - Daily (1 hr Theory + 1 hr Lab)


S No MOOC Name Course Fee Start Date Major Topics Regn Link
1. FPGA Architecture and Programming

Free for C2S participating institute

Certification Criteria Applicable #
  • Introduction to VLSI Design flow 
  • RTL Design (Verilog HDL) Quick start
  • FSM Coding 
  • Fundamental of Programmable Logic
  • FPGA Architecture &Design Flow
  • Timing Fundamentals
  • Advanced FPGA Topics
2. ARM based Soc Design 25-03-2024
  • Introduction to Verilog HDL & Hierarchical Modelling Concepts
  • AHB Light bus architecture
  • Building a System on Chip- Integrating AHB peripherals to ARM 
  • UART, Timer, MEMORY, GPIO etc.
3. MOOC on Embedded C and ARM Microcontrollers 25-03-2024
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
    Embedded C Programming
    ARM Cortex M Architecture Overview
    Introduction to STM32 Microcontrollers & Development Boards
    Overview of IDEs for STM32 Microcontrollers
    Peripheral libraries & drivers for STM32 Microcontrollers
    ARM Cortex Microcontroller peripherals – GPIO, Timers, Interrupts, PWM
    UART Serial bus protocol with STM32 Microcontrollers


Certification Criteria for MOOC :


  •  50% for attendance and 50% for exit test.
  •  Payment of Certification fee (Rs 1000/- per head) 

Principal Investigator

Rajesh M
Scientist – ‘D’
Email: rajesh[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in



Co Principal Investigator 

Nandakumar R
Scientist – ‘D’
Email: nanda[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in








For More Details contact


Sreejeesh SG
Senior Technical Officer
Ph.: 9447769756, 8943466301
Email: sree[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in



Akula Sri Rama Pavan
Scientist – ‘B’
Ph.: 8904310403
Email: pavan[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in