R&D Projects

Information Technology

Information products and services have become increasingly a major component of our lives thus necessitating the need to enhance competencies in every sphere of Information Technology. In the brave new world a widespread access to information, communications and resources is the only solution to remove the insurmountable barriers to education, democratization process and overall economic growth. The primary objectives of the Research and Development programmes supported by NIELIT is thus to facilitate proliferation and absorption of emerging technologies in the IT sector, facilitate capacity building, creating the right infrastructure and making the existing technologies, affordable to the citizens of the country. This is the only way to take lead in the global knowledge economy. NIELIT supports Research and Development and coordinates the technical activities of the respective Scientific Societies.


The Electronics sector is a key player in the economy and one of the most globalised industries in the world. It is a strategic enabler and a driving force for all the services, be it Internet, telecom, precision engineering industries, aviation, energy, banking imagine any service, nothing works without Electronics. The rapidly growing Indian electronics industry can be broadly categorised into six segments. They are consumer Electronics (the largest chunk of the market), industrial Electronics, strategic Electronics, Computers, Communication and Broadcasting equipment and Electronic components. 

A key focus in the Electronics sector is R&D leading to innovative products. NIELIT has long acknowledged R&D as an integral part of Electronics ecosystem and is supporting the entire value chain of R&D activities in the country ranging from the basic components to sophisticated product development.

As a roadmap for developing, strengthening and enhancing the competitiveness of the Indian Electronics sector NIELIT has constituted a group-R&D in Electronics Group to conduct sponsored R&D activities across India at various academic institutions of higher learning and R&D laboratories, in the areas assigned to it through a variety of plan programmes. The sophisticated projects assigned to the groups cover a wide spectrum of key technological areas. These include developments in Nanotechnology, Medical Electronics, Microelectronics, Industrial Electronics et al.