Student Testimonials - Detailed

Student Testimonials



Soumya Jose,
MTech EDT, 2014-2016
ARM Embedded Technologies

"NIELIT gives you an opportunity to think out of box and emphasis on practical knowledge along with the theoretical aspects. You enjoy the freedom to think, to express yourself and broaden your knowledge in all areas. The faculty are well experienced , dedicated and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. I like our lectures and enjoy the class most when they use their real-life examples in their teaching. NIELIT is keen at providing an awareness of current trends in technology and even let us develop innovative projects with it. You can definitely upgrade your standard from a novice to a professional. Due to the serene and green campus I always find positive energy around mer. The multicultural environment and diversity keeps the campus exciting, fun and vibrant and has given me wonderful friends. "




Dona Maria James
MTech Embedded System
Intern @ Intel

"Taking Masters from NIELIT Calicut in Embedded Systems  was one of the best decisions in my life. The ambience in here  offered an industrial experience. The curriculum in here is designed in such a way that students are offered more lab experience. Faculties with immense knowledge had helped me to achieve this remarkable achievement with proper training and guidance."




Athira Sreekumar
MTech Embedded System
Intern @ Intel

"Right from the time I started searching for colleges for doing MTech., NIELIT was my first preference. NIELIT's reputation among other colleges and feedback of acquaintances who were its ex-students caught my attention. NIELIT fulfilled my expectations due to its excellent lab facilities and practical oriented curriculum which helped me in improving my knowledge and skills. All the faculties here have excellent knowledge and they are always ready to help. NIELIT helped me to transform in both technical and personal aspect. My sincere gratitude to all the faculty and placement cell for helping me grab such a good opportunity which accelerated my career growth."




Gunji Vijaya
MTech Electronic Design Technology
Intern @ Intel

"NIELIT Calicut is one of the best institutes for MTech course. Most of the classtime we spend in LAB doing practical works related to C , C++, Python , Linux Programming, ARM cortex M3, M4 Programming, Matlab and Arduino Programming. Labs are equipped with latest technology. NIELIT faculty are friendly, well experienced and helpful. NIELIT Calicut has  very efficient and placement cell for the placement training , assistance and selection process, which has really helped me in getting the position at Robert Bosch."




Vikram Singh Bisht
MTech VLSI & Embedded Systems
Intern @ Intel

"NIELIT has given me the opportunity to work with one of the best companies in VLSI domain under SMDP-C2SD. The lectures by the faculty of NIELIT has helped me a lot in gaining knowledge in the field of VLSI. The laboratories of NIELIT are equipped with latest EDA tools. Working in such a environment has helped me to clarify concepts which otherwise were only theoretical."




Ambarish J
MTech Electronic Design Technology
Intern @ Mobilexion Technologies

"I am pursuing MTech in Electronic Design Technology from NIELIT Calicut. I am very grateful for the contributions of NIELIT Calicut in support of my education. Most of the class time we spent in LAB doing practical work that helps us to learn better. LAB facility is very good with proper equipment and well experienced faculties are there to help. The campus and hostel atmosphere is very ambient. Their systematic approach towards the work ensure efficient, effective and timely completion."




Aathira S Sunil
MTech Embedded System
Intern @ Ingnitarium TechnologyPvt Ltd

"NIELIT Calicut is one of the best institutes in Kerala. I am pursuing MTech in Embedded System. NIELIT has a unique quality that faculties prefer practical knowledge rather than textbook studies. NIELIT has helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills. It has well equipped labs and highly qualified faculty members  who are always ready to help students any time and provide industrial exposure. Anything studied in the classroom can be practiced in the lab. I highly recommend NIELIT. I am grateful to NIELIT and all my teachers who guided me to develop my potential and guiding me in the right direction. "



Pooja Rajagoplan
VLSI and Embedded Hardware Design, Aug 2016 - Feb 2017
Working in HCL Technologies

"I had an enriching and pleasant experience at NIELIT. Professors with their incredible skills provided students with clear and deep knowledge. The quality and way of teaching were an inspiration to attend every class and grasp as much as we can from the faculty. We were provided with ample facilities for practical experience which helped in improving our skill set.

I thank NIELIT for guiding me towards the right direction and recommend it to all graduates looking for a career in VLSI."


Vibishna B
VLSI and Embedded Hardware Design, Aug 2016 - Feb 2017
Senior Research Assistant , University of Southampton , UK
Scientist C , LRDE, DRDO, Bangalore ,

"NIELIT helps students in bridging the gap between what has been learned and what is required for the industry. The infrastructure and the lab facilities are fabulous and hands-on sessions are really useful in developing the right technical skills. The teaching faculty are very knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. It is a stimulating learning atmosphere."



Ruchika Chandran
VLSI and Embedded Hardware Design, Aug 2016 - Feb 2017
HCL Technologies

"It has been truly an invaluable learning experience at NIELIT Calicut. Over the duration of the course, I have enhanced my knowledge through the constructive inputs from teaching staff. Teachers are very supportive and always ready to solve our problems with their incredible knowledge. The theory classes as well as the lab classes have improved my programming skills. The course has exceeded my expectations significantly.

I had a great time doing my project with the guidance and support of staff using latest technologies. This is the best institute that offers opportunity to make potential career in the field of VLSI Design."



Sojan R Thomas
PG Diploma in VLSI and Embedded Hardware Design
HCL Technologies

"Choosing this institution had been one of the best decisions for my career growth. Inspiring facilities , practical oriented curriculum along with well-facilitated labs gave me apt knowledge on languages , tools , techniques etc used in VLSI industries. Since government projects were going on during the course period , learning within the industry improved my level of confidence and passion to aspire profession in the same field. This course is great for anyone seeking career in VLSI domain. I highly recommend it."




Nandru  Pradeep
Advance Diploma in VLSI Physical Design Engineer
HCL Technologies

"NIELIT Calicut is one of the best institutes to learn VLSI Physical Design. I am very glad to say that the faculty here are very friendly. I spent most of the class timings in LAB for doing practical works related to CMOS schematic design. I got a lot of exposure to the cadence tools which really helped me in doing well in industry. I am very happy to say that the time which I had spent in NIELIT was the turning point  of my life. The environment was quite friendly and helped me to gain more knowledge from the resource persons.  The contributions from the faculty as so encouraging and I am very thankful to them."




Sriram Vikraman Sithalakshmi Amma
PG Diploma in VLSI Design 
Electronics Engineer , National Oceanography Centre, UK
Systems  Engineer , Cypress semiconductor

"NIELIT is where I was able to sharpen my expertise in Electronic hardware , software and firmware designs. Along with the tightly knit lab projects, Teachers also encourage students to try out their own projects. The course is targeted for acquiring the much required practical skills, along with the theoretical knowledge , preparing you to succeed in your future endeavors.

I treasure my memories in receiving the grand prize at PSoC innovator Design Challenge (2009) conducted by Cypress semiconductor Corporation under the guidance of Mr. Nandakumar R.

I express my gratitude to all the staff at NIELIT for their help and support in doing this project."



Geethu Mohandas
Broadcom LMT

"NIELIT is one of the best institutes to learn VLSI Hardware Design. Most of the class timing we spend in LAB for doing practical works related to digital designs. This helped me a lot in my industry. LAB facility is very good and well experienced and friendly faculties are always there to help. NIELIT provided a proper interview trainings and tests, which helped me a lot in attending interviews in industries with full confidence."




George Thottan
MTech in Embedded Design Technology , 2014- 2016
Analog Engineer , Texas Instruments Pvt Ltd

"Courses in NIELIT Calicut are more focused on developing talents as desired by the demanding IT industry. Practically inclined coursework helps in better understanding of core concepts.

Guidance from well informed and supporting staff makes the transition from a student to a professional swift and effortless."



Anit Joseph
Wipro Technologies

"NIELIT is one of the best experiences that can happen to an engineering student. I have completed MTech in Embedded Systems from NIELIT and got placed in Wipro Technologies. The teacher at NIELIT are highly qualified, humble , passionate and talented. The learning environment at NIELIT helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills. The kind of practical exposure provided by NIELIT Calicut is one of the best; and it has got best lab facility which adds up the beauty of learning. What's more, teachers at NIELIT are always there when you look back for help. NIELIT helped me to become a very good Embedded Engineer . The courses offered at NIELIT are organized and practical oriented and are really helpful for postgraduates like me to gain confidence and face interviews."

  Sabu Swaroop CK

VLSI & Embedded Hardware Design - VL500
Aricent Pvt Ltd

"After completing engineering degree in Electronics & communication Engineering, it was a must for me to work in core field. Yes VLSi was my choice. I am very fortunate to be able to attend 'VLSI & Embedded Hardware Design' course in NIELIT Calicut. NIELIT has given a unique opportunity to study and learn in a place where I could exploit my potentials and abilities. The excellent teachers and their teaching methods gave the best advise and helped in every step of my way. The technical skills and digital basics I got from a 6 months duration course from NIELIT turned out to be my life changer which means a lot for me that I sit in a position where I am now that I dreamed a lot once - a VLSI Engineer. I really appreciate NIELIT and staffs there for their support and benevolence."


Kiran Prakash
Process Control Instrumentation - PC100
System Engineer, Aiborne GeoPhysical Services , McChar International

"PC100 is really a bridge course between college and industry. It fills the student with what is required for the industry. It changes our perspective in approaching a technical problem. The theory sessions starts from where we have stopped at graduation and practical sessions are really practical. I think NIELIT is the only place where we get the equipment to try anything logical. we learn by doing."


Varma Goutam Jairam,
VLSI & Embedded  Hardware Design VL500
ASIC Test Engineer, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

"NIELIT Calicut is one of the best Institutes to learn VLSI hardware design with well equipped lab facilities and very helpful faculties. Most of the class timing we spend in LAB for doing practical works related to digital designs. This helps me a lot in my industry. LAB facility is very good and well experienced and friendly faculties always there to help. NIELIT Calicut provided a proper interview trainings and tests  which helps me a lot in attending interviews with full confidence.  "


Madhup Mayank,
VLSI & Embedded  Hardware Design VL500
Utility Powertech Ltd

"The teaching methodology and the professors support were the best thing which I found in NIELIT. Be it any subject related doubts or jobs or entrepreneurship or motivation , I found all the faculty to be always there for help. I highly recommend NIELIT Calicut to everyone and will always be a proud Alumina of this college. "



Ramesh Krishnan B,
Advanced Diploma in Artificial Intelligence SW800

"NIELIT Calicut is a leading Institute for its student-centered learning. It offers a contemporary education combined with practical experience such as lab trainings , internships , academics and career counseling. Faculty at NIELIT are highly qualified and experienced. The campus provides proper interview trainings that helps in attending industry-based interviews with full confidence. "



Reshma Tomy,
PG Diploma in Embedded System Design
Gadgeon Smart System

"Choosing NIELIT Calicut for PG Diploma in Embedded System Design was a wise decision. Since the syllabus is maintained to prepare students for current trends in industry. It helped me to overcome the gap between my engineering and the needs of the industry. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students. Weekly placement tests and guidance for attending interviews has helped me in overcoming my backdrops. ESG department has achieved excellence in imparting high-quality education with prime focus on embedded concepts and IoT. As a student , I always find myself in a pool of never-ending opportunities due to well equipped lab facilities and NIELIT faculties that impart quality education to their students. I am fortunate to be a part of this institution. "



Vaishnavi Nair,
MTech,  Electronics Design Technology
Intern , Mobilexion Technologies Pvt. Ltd

"NIELIT Calicut provided me a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them. The programs and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface has given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout the journey. All the faculties are enthusiastic and are always ready to help us. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Training and Placement Department and all staff for their efforts in imparting quality technical skills. I am grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab the opportunity. I convey my thanks to NIELIT for carving me out in an excellent way."



Jacob Bryan Thomas,
Advanced Diploma in Artificial Intelligence SW800
Clootrack, Bangalore

"NIELIT Calicut is one of the best institutes to learn Artificial Intelligence. We got good practical hands on experience as half the time of the day was devoted for lab work. This helped me a lot to build strong technical foundation of core AI subjects, techniques and python language. LAB facility is very good and well experienced and friendly faculties always there to help us. Placement opportunities were good which has helped me secure a job."