ICT for Travel and Tourism

Admission Notice for Training Programmes under MeitY sponsored Project  " ICT Intervention in Travel and Tourism (T&T) Industry through Capacity Building in New Age Digital Technologies" by NIELIT, Gangtok”


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Project name: ICT Intervention in Travel and Tourism (T&T) Industry through Capacity Building in New Age Digital Technologies

Implemented by: National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT)- Gangtok under the aegis of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India

States covered: Sikkim 

Aims and Objective of the project: The project has following objectives :

  1. To empower the target group with Digital Skills including understanding of e-commerce digital transactions and associated concepts to help them leverage the benefits of technology for Travel, Tourism & other related sectors thereby opening newer as well as better livelihood avenues either as an employee or an entrepreneur.
  2. To bridge the gap i.e., the technology shift in the rapidly changing Travel and Tourism Industry by giving much needed Digital Skills to help the target group cope with changes in today’s Digital world.
  3. To upgrade/improve the behavior and service skills of the target groups to eventually achieve an improved tourist specific ambience.
  4. To develop a technology-literate Travel and Tourism industry by helping the target groups participate equally and proactively in today's technology driven industry by being better informed and with the power to communicate and interact freely and effectively.
  5. To support local, social and economic development in Sikkim and ensure social justice –by helping target groups promote rural tourism thereby creating more tourist hotspots so that Tourism can be promoted across all the 4 districts of Sikkim. Research shows that for every 30 new tourists to a destination - one new job is created.
  6. Digital Inclusion of the stakeholders dealing with indigenous and tourism based products to increase their livelihood opportunities by making their products reach online markets.
  7. To enable target groups develop digital content for market promotion using appropriate software tools
Details of the course "ICT Applications in Travel and Tourism" for Stakeholders of Travel and Tourism of Sikkim

Course Name

ICT Applications in Travel and Tourism

Course Fees

No course fees (Sponsored by Govt. of India)

Course Duration

10 days in Offline mode

Batch Size


30 nos.

Training Location for offline training


Who all can attend?

Owners, employees/staffs of

Accomodation Providers (Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Resorts and Spas, Homestays, etc)  Eateries and Restaurants, Travel agencies, Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Logistic Service Providers, Adventure Tour operators, Outdoor Photographers, Members of PTDA and other stakeholder associations including facilitating partner agencies, Tourist Information Centres, Rural Tourism Facilitation Centres, Permit Offices, etc

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Course Coverage
  • Basics of Computer & Information Technology (IT)
  • Creation of Digital Content
  • E-Commerce sites, listing businesses and monitoring reviews
  • E-Transactions and mobile payments,booking platforms
  • Blogs, Vlogs, Open Source Content Management System (CMS)
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Capturing and Publishing Virtual Reality (VR) content
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Soft Skills and Entreprenuership 

Contact Details

  • Mr. Khagendra Sharma, Scientist-D & Project Chief Investigator, NIELIT Gangtok
  • Mobile/Whatsapp: 8906615176 E-mail: khagendra@nielit.gov.in