SQF is a nationally integrated education and competency-based framework that enables persons to acquire desired competency levels. The National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) organizes qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. These levels, graded from one to ten, are defined in terms of learning outcomes which the learner must possess regardless of whether they were acquired through formal, non-formal or informal learning. It is, therefore, a nationally integrated education and competency-based skill and quality assurance framework that will provide for multiple pathways, horizontal as well as vertical, including vocational education, vocational training, general education and technical education, thus linking one level of learning to another higher level. This will enable a person to acquire desired competency levels, transit to the job market and at an opportune time, return for acquiring additional skills to further upgrade their competencies. NSQF in India was notified on 27th December 2013.

Under NSQF, the learner can acquire the certification for competency needed at any level through formal, non-formal or informal learning. In that sense, the NSQF is a quality assurance framework. Presently, more than 100 countries have, or are in the process of developing national qualification frameworks.


At present The level wise aligned Qualification files of NIELIT are as under:

NSQF Level 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
No of QFs 7 7 13 24 14 9 1

To further propagates, NIELIT has launched the courses under the franchise mode and for NIELIT accreditation for conducting NSQF aligned courses is a Quality Assurance Scheme for Skilling in Electronics and Information Technology and providing better employment opportunity. NIELIT will consider institutes in the following categories:

 i) Category- ‘A’ Valid Existing Training Partners (ETP) of NIELIT i.e. Accredited Training Centres (NIELIT IT, CHM courses and ESDM TPs) and other associated and NIELIT TPs (like NCPUL etc.).

 ii) Category- ‘B’ Government / AICTE approved Polytechnics & Engineering colleges / Institutes running BCA / BSc (CS /IT/Electronics) or higher courses.

 iii) Category-‘C’ New Training Partners who do not fall under any of above mentioned categories.

Category wise Procedure for Accreditation:

(I) Category ‘A’ and ‘B’

 i. After receiving the application for accreditations, a preliminary screening will be done to ensure eligibility for accreditation and necessary documents attached. Additional information may be asked for, if necessary, from the institute vide online deficiency letter / email. The total time period given to the institute for compliance of the shortcomings is 30 days (from the date of receiving of the initial application on the NIELIT web portal). Incomplete forms and inability to supply additional information may lead to rejection of the application.

 ii. The institutes falling under this category are exempted for selected courses from the Inspection committee visit at the institute. If the institutes applies for the courses other than exempted courses mentioned in the Annexure VI, an inspection committee visit will be done at the institute and the inspection fee as mentioned in point 5 above will be applicable to the institute.

(II) Category ‘C’

 i. The application received along with the uploaded documents will be scrutinized at NIELIT and additional information may be asked for, if required, from the institute vide online deficiency letter / email. The total time period to be given to the institute for compliance of the shortcomings will be 30 days (from the date of receiving of the initial application on the NIELIT web portal). If the institute does not comply the Page 8 of 43 deficiencies in a time period of 30 days, then, the institute will be issued 1st reminder. If the institute does not reply within 15 days from the date of 1st reminder the institute will be issued 2nd reminder. If the institute still does not respond within 10 days from the date of 2nd reminder, the institute will be issued 3rd and final reminder to submit the documents within 5 days from the date of 3rd reminder. If the institute does not respond to the 3rd reminder, the application of the institute will be rejected without any further communication and the Letter of Premature Closure of the case due to non-submission of the documents will be sent to the institute. Such cases will be treated as ‘CLOSED’ and all fees will be forfeited and no further communication in this regard will be entertained.

ii. On completion of the documents, the eligible institutes of ‘Category C’ will be informed by letter / email that their documentation is over and an Inspection Team constituted by the NIELIT xxxxx, will visit the institute any day within one month from the date of intimation of completion of documents and will verify the information provided by the institute in the online application for accreditation for NSQF aligned courses, according to the laid down criteria for accreditation.

iii. The Screening Committee will check that all criteria laid down above are fulfilled. The committee will examine all of the following: - Compliance of all norms set out above. - Actual competence of the teaching staff, over and above the paper qualifications submitted - Progress of students - Teaching methodologies - Management attitudes, plans, approach etc. - 

Past results - Student feedback on usefulness teaching standards, criticisms, praise etc. - Placement of trainees

 iv. On receipt of the satisfactory report from the Inspection committee, the application will be further processed for affiliation and will be issued letter of Accreditation after approval of competent authority.

v. Affiliation for NSQF courses is granted to the institute at the specified location only. Affiliation given in the name of an institute is not automatically applicable to its branches/centers/head offices/ franchises/licensees etc. Each institute is required to have independent accreditation for each course.

 vi. A sudden and uninformed visit to any institute may be made to verify the self certification or to ascertain the quality of training. Institute, if not found suitable after sudden and uninformed visit by the Inspection team, will be given the chance to improve in lacking area as mentioned by Inspection Team within 02 Week Time. If institute fails to do so, its accreditation will be cancelled and payment made by the institute would be forfeited. However, for all such cases the concerned institute has to pay Inspection fees again.

For further details about fee, pl  look at the

Handbook- of NSQF courses for Training Partners.

List of Courses Available for Accreditation