Power Electronics Lab



The lab aims at imparting practical knowledge of Power Electronics to the students at various levels i.e. DEPM, B.Tech and M.Tech. It is accordingly well equipped with equipment’s and trainer kits to teach practical from fundamentals to high level concepts to the students.

Main Equipment’s Available


1.Triac AC Phase Control :

All Components are terminated with a connector for the study of Students. One potentiometer is provided to vary the firing angle of SCR. Another potentiometer is provided to vary the firing angle of TRIAC.

2. Single Phase Converter :

Power circuit with a DC shunt motor 2SCRs/4SCRs and 2 power diodes. A circuit breaker, a bridge rectifier for field supply.1 phase converter firing circuit. SCR converter with open/close loop with motor rpm indication, mech. Loading load regulation = 1% with tacho F/B


3.  SCR Lamp Flasher :

Scientech PE40 SCR Lamp Flasher is compact, ready to use experiment board for lamp flasher using SCR circuit. This board is useful for students to study and understand operation of SCR controlled lamp flasher circuit and measurement of frequency, time, and voltage. 

4. DC Chopper:

DC Chopper Using SCR Trainer is very much useful for the students, to understand the principle of working and operation of the chopper. Output voltage can be controlled electronically by variation of Duty Cycle.


5. DC to AC Inverter:

Power Electronic Training Board has been designed specifically for the study of working of inverter. A Battery 12V 80AH (Any car battery) is required to operate this apparatus. Different test points have been provided to check wave shape and amplitude of pulses how DC supply is changed to AC supply.

6. SCR Triggering Trainer:

SCR trigger trainer system. UJT triggering circuit24Volt 10W Lamp load24 Volt ac supply for Circuit inputs LED indication for supply R-trigger circuit with phase angle control 5 degrees to 90 degrees R-trigger circuit half wave with phase angle control up to 180 degree maximum. UJT is an excellent triggering device which provides narrow gate pulses. Control is very accurate and from 0 Deg. to 180 Degree. 


Some of the Practical project experiments.

  1. DC Chopper based speed control of small DC Motor.
  2. Lamp brightness control using inverter.
  3. Inverter driven small induction motor.
  4. Triac based speed control of small single Phase Induction Motor.
  5. Electronic Heater Temperature control.
  6. Operation of SCR flasher.
  7. Lamp brightness control using single Phase SCR Converter.