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Full-fledged three labs that are exclusively used for Open Source Software Development and Training purposes. All the labs are equipped with interconnected 10Gbps SFP+ port single mode fiber optics and has all PCs have at-least i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 100Mbps NKN Link etc.

Different Courses Available

1. Operating System

The students have facilities to work and explore multiple Operating Systems viz Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Fedora and Microsoft Windows -7,8,10

2. RDBMS/ODBMS Software

Students can learn intricacies of Database Administration using both RDBMS and Object-Oriented DBMSs such as MySQL, Oracle 11g and IBM DB2.

3. Application Softwares and Programming Languages

Students can master Web Application Development in all platforms of their choice such as Microsoft DotNet, Java, LAMP.The Centre has licensed software to learn latest programming languages for development purposes such as SQL, Assembly, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C/C++, C# and VB.Net


4. Mobile Application Development

Students are taught intricacies of professional Mobile Application Development on Android and PhoneGap platforms. Students can use latest tools for this purpose like Android Studio, AVD Manager, and Android Debugging Bridge etc.

5. Software for Scientific Use

Students can do simulation using MatLab and will do hands-on practical’s on Industrial Grade Software such as AutoCAD, PLC & SCADA, LabView, Xilie etc

Some Projects Developed by Students

  1. 3-Tier Secured Web Application for Electricity Boards
  2. Recruitment and Assessment Software
  3. Digital marketing Mobile Application
  4. Software for handling activities of Smart City Applications like Precision Agriculture, healthcare, Vehicular Traffic Management, Water Management, Home Automation etc.
  5. Digital Image processing Software
  6. Electrical Battery management System
  7. Industrial Automation Software
  8. Fault identification of Optical Fibre cable
  9. Remote Control of Robots for Defence Application
  10. Design of Industrial Grade devices using CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and other Softwares