The building consists of Administrative Wing, Lecture Halls, Faculty Rooms, Computer Laboratories, Electronics Laboratories, Mechanical Workshop, Applied Science Laboratory, Library and Electrical Substation.  The state of art hostels with 100-seat capacity for boys and 50-seat capacity for girls is also available inside the campus. 


The Institution Library has a collection of more than 8000 volumes of essential books on electronics and computers, communication in English, etc., for the benefits of both the students and the faculty. Along with this collection, 22 numbers of related journals and magazines are subscribed regularly along with 8 numbers of national and local newspapers. The numbers of the Library collection is likely to increase, depending largely upon requirement and availability. The library is computerized using software developed in-house. The Centre subscribe Online IEEE Xplore Digital Library for free access for the students and faculties. 

* Previous exam questions of MCA, BCA, DCSE, DETE,  O and A Level, etc., are available for the students benefit.

Computing Facility

The Institution has elaborate computing facility accessible to the students. There are numbers of modern state-of-the art computer labs for use by the students and scholars. Apart from a large number of PCs, which are all connected to the campus LAN, there are several Intel Xeon based servers. There are also high quality laser printers, network printer, projectors, scanner, multimedia accessories, etc. Various software systems are available that run in environments such as Linux, Windows 2008 and 2012 server, Windows 7 and 10. The campus LAN is connected to the Internet through NKN, NextComm Fibre and Radio link, BSNL bbvpn and VSAT connection. Network is protected using Sonicwall Firewall and dedicated Antivirus system. Some of the facilities worth mentioning are as below:

  1. Multimedia enabled state of the art computer lab.
  2. Cyber forensic lab.
  3. Hardware and Networking lab.
  4. Latest hardware configuration powered by Intel processors (majority i3 processors).
  5. Authentic and licensed software.
  6. Computer labs with ergonomic furnishing.
  7. More than 200 computers with 1 Gbps LAN facility.
  8. Internet connectivity for all labs.

Electronics Labs

Medical Electronics Lab

Applied Science Lab

It separately consist equipment of Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry. The laboratory contains standard laboratory equipment in order to impart practical knowledge of applied sciences to the students.


Drawing Hall

The hall is basically for Diploma courses in Computer Science & Engg. (DCSE) and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (DETE). In this hall, the students are imparted practical technical skill and they acquire knowledge regarding technical graphics and engineering drawing.  


Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop is well equipped with modern mechanical workshop machineries, which serve the purpose not only for the fulfillments of Diploma courses in Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

This workshop consists of modern mechanical workshop machineries like lathe machine, sheet metal cutting machine, body fly press machine, pillar drilling machine, notching machine, grinding machine, metal sheet folding machine, power hacksaw machine and welding equipment of spot, AC/DC arc, gas. All these machines are equipped with standard and high precision measuring tools and implements with accessories and equipment.

Lecture Halls

       1. Spacious and fully furnished class rooms with modern outlook.

       2. High quality bench and desk for every class rooms.

       3. Synthetic boards and up-to-date teaching kits.

       4. Overhead projector/multimedia projector to aid both the trainers and          faculties.


The Institution owns two buses and hires additional buses for better conveniences of the staff and students. Buses are on regular services through out the year round. However, the transportation routines are likely to change depending upon academic schedule whenever required. 

Power Supply

  1. In-house substation incorporating a 315 KVA Transformer.
  2. Back up power includes 63 KVA DG set, 100 KVA DG Set, and separate UPS for all the floors with back up SMF battery.
  3. State of the art electrification work with main panels, sub distribution panels and full fledge lightning protection and boundary lighting with dedicated earthing for all systems.
  4. Lift system for the building.

Staff/Faculty rooms

  1. Separate rooms for Administrative staffs and Teaching faculties.
  2. Air-conditioned room with up-to-date computer and printer set for each faculty and staff.
  3. A private enclosure with Aluminium partitioning.
  4. LAN and Internet facilities for every faculty and staff.