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Future Skills Prime-Bridge Course

Basic Certificate course in Artificial Intelligence

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Course is available for Rs 120/- only.

a) Course Highlights

  • The course aim is to create an awareness of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Tools & Techniques among students so that students can apply these technologies in real-life and at their workplaces
  • Artificial Intelligence- The Emerging Technology
    i. Blended Learning Model
    ii. Hands-on over Advanced Topics
    iii. Project Mentorship by Experts
    iv. Continuous Assessment and Feedback
  • FutureSkills Prime badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile
  • Joint co-branded participation certificate by FutureSkills Prime & CDAC
  • Eligible for GOVT. OF INDIA Incentives

b) Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course candidate will be able to

1.Students will be expected to have good understanding of fundamental issues and challenges of data science, machine Learning, Deep Learning, data Model, Selection Complexity etc.

2. Students will be able to understand and implement the strengths and weakness of many popular AI/ ML/ DL Algorithms

3. To able to design and implement various AI/ML/DL Algorithms in a range of real world applications.

c) Course Details

Duration 120 hrs
Skill Type Emerging Tech
Cost INR 3390+18% GST
Type of Format Blended(Online and offline both)
Domain Artificial Intelligence
Course Category Bridge Course
Certificate earned Joint Co Branded Participation Certificate
Course covered under GoI Incentive Yes

d) Course Curriculum

Duration- 120 hrs

Modules - 4

This 120 Hrs Duration Course is divided into 4 Modules, that combines the Theoretical, Practical Sessions and Assignments-

Module 1: Data Science and Programming Tool

  • Overview of Python, Data types
  • Functions, Modules and Packages,
  • Object Oriented Programming in Python.
  • DBMS and Database Interaction in Python,
  • Structures and Unstructured data,
  • Visualization of Data using Graph,
  • Data Analysis and Pre-processing techniques

Module 2: Machine Learning:

  • Machine Learning – Concepts
  • Supervised, Unsupervised and Semi Supervised Learning,
  • Classification- Linear Regression
  • KNN, SVM, Decision Tree
  • Clustering- K mean
  • Ensemble Methods and Learning

Module 3: Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing:

  • Deep Learning Concept-ANN, DNN.
  • CNN, RNN
  • Open CV
  • Natural Language Processing Methods
  • Text processing, Lexical Processing
  • Part of speech Tagging
  • NLP Applications

Module 4: Project:

The participants will be doing an industry relevant project using real data.

e) Mode of course Delivery

Bridge Course in Artificial Intelligence would be offered in Blended mode for a duration of 120 hrs. which contains theory, lab work, and project. This would involve a combination of recorded videos and live lectures along with lab work using Virtual Labs. The course is divided into recorded theory sessions of around 21 hrs. and live/offline theory sessions of 15 hrs. along with lab work of 54 hrs. and Project work of 30 hrs.

f) Assessment & Certification

  •  Course Completion Certificate will be provided to students by the centre after completing the Bridge Course.
  •  NASSCOM Evaluation – Evaluation process will be carried by SSC NASSCOM. Those students who pass the same will be awarded Certificate of Bridge Course Training Program on Artificial Intelligence.

g) Govt. Incentive Programme

This Incentives program is a unique yet affordable program where potential learners can upskill themselves in- most-demand advanced technologies. 50% fees refundable as per Incentive of bridge course after successfully accessed & certified by SSC NASSCOM. This incentive program will help candidates upskill in the paid technical courses while earning reimbursement on completion.

h) Enrolment Process

1. For Direct enrolment, Click on Future Skills Prime Portal link given below:  

2.For more knowledge about enrolment in Bridge Course, Participants can fill Registration form where NIELIT, Delhi will contact you and provide counselling related to course.

The students can also visit NIELIT Delhi Centre, 2nd Floor, Parsvnath Metro Mall, Near Inderlok Metro Station, Inderlok, Delhi 110052 and may Contact on 8447795337  for help in enrolment of Bridge Course. 

For Any Query : Write mail to

Nidhi Chawla                                          Kanchan Rani
Consultant                                              Chief Investigator officer
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