Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on CCC

Q1  What is Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)?
A1   The computer literacy programme of the Society is an outcome of the recommendation of National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development. This course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for the common man.  This programme has essentially been conceived with an idea of giving an opportunity to the common man to attain computer literacy thereby contributing to increased and speedy PC penetration in different walks of life. After completing the course the incumbent should be able to the use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his/her personal/business letters, viewing information on internet (the web), receiving and sending mails, preparing his business presentations, preparing small databases etc. This helps the small business communities, housewives, etc. to maintain their small accounts using the computers and enjoy in the world of Information Technology. This course is, therefore, designed to be more practical oriented.

Q2  What is the detailed syllabus of CCC: 
A2 The detailed syllabus is available on NIELIT website i.e.

Q3   What is duration of CCC Course?
A3   Normally the CCC course duration is 80 hours (Theory: 25 hrs + Practical: 50 hrs. + Tutorial: 5 hrs.)

Q4  What are the eligibility criteria for CCC Course?
A4   The candidates can appear in the NIELIT CCC Examination either through NIELIT approved Institutes which are permitted to conduct CCC Course and having obtained E-Provisional no. / Registration no. or as Direct applicant irrespective of any educational qualifications.

Q5  What is the minimum age required for applying for CCC Examination?
A5   Since this is a course on computer appreciation, there is no minimum or maximum age limit for applying for CCC Examination.

Q6  How to apply in the CCC Examination?
A6   The candidates can apply for the CCC examination through online mode only. The candidate can apply for the CCC examination through online facility of examination form and fee submission offered by NIELIT. The URL for the student online portal is

Q7  What is the fee of CCC Examination?
A7   The examination fee is Rs 500.00 + Service tax as applicable.

Q8  Can I submit the examination form of CCC with late fee and what is the late fee?
A8   No.

Q9  What is the schedule of CCC examination?

Examination Time period for online filling of Examination form payment Date of Commencement of Examination


Nov 01- Dec 31

1st Saturday of February


January 01-31

1st Saturday of March


February 01-28/29

1st Saturday of April


March 01-31

1st Saturday of May


April 01-30

1st Saturday of June


May 01 - June 30

1st Saturday of August


July 01-31

1st Saturday of September


August 01-31

1st Saturday of October


September 01-30

1st Saturday of November


October 01-31

1st Saturday of December

Q10 What documents need to be submitting along with the examination form?
A10  w.e.f 1-Feb-2014, no documents are required to be submit at NIELIT Centre.

Q11  What is mode of Examination fee to be pay in case of Online Examination form?
A11  The candidate/institute make the payment through the following modes : -
            i) Online (Credit/ Debit card/ Netbanking)
            ii) NEFT
            iii) CSC-SPV

Q12 Where I can submit the examination form?
A12  W.e.f 1-Feb-2014, there is no need to submit any documents/certificates at NIELIT Centres.

Q13 From where can I get the details of Regional Centre?
A13  The details of Regional Centre vis-à-vis state are available on the website of NIELIT

Q14 How many papers are there in CCC examination? 
A14  Only 1 paper.

Q15 What are the minimum marks required to qualify CCC successfully?
A15  50% marks are the minimum marks required.

Q16 What is the mode of examination?
A16  The examination is conducted in Online mode i.e. no pen/pencil/paper is required.

Q17 How many questions to be attempt and what is the duration of examination?
A17  The examination of CCC comprise of 100 objective type questions of 1 mark each, and the candidate is required to attempt the 100 questions in 90 minutes. There is no negative marking.

Q18 Where I can appear in the CCC Examination?
A18  Normally, the exam centres allotted to candidates is according to his/her centre choice (city) filled by the candidate. NIELIT have right to allot the other exam centre that has not filled by candidate.

Q19 Can I submit more than 1 examination form in single exam cycle?
A19  No.

Q20 Can I apply again for another CCC examination cycle, in case I failed to pass the CCC examination? Is there any limit to apply for CCC examination?
A20  Yes, you can apply again in other exam cycle. No, there is no limit yet.

Q21 Can I apply again for another CCC examination cycle, in case I passed the CCC examination?
A21  Yes, you can apply again in other exam cycle.

Q22  How I can get the confirmation that my examination form has been processed?
A22  The Candidate can check the status at

Q23 From where do I get my Admit Card and what can I do, in case there is mistake in the admit card?
A23  The admit card can be downloaded from the student online portal The admit card is according to details furnished by the candidates in OEAF. No correction request will be entertained.

Q24 Where I can check the result of CCC Examination?
A24  The result will be declared on the NIELIT website

Q25 When the result will be declared after the examination?
A25  Under normal circumstances, the result will be declared after 15 days from the completion of examination cycle.

Q26 What do the different grades awarded to the candidates after examination, represent?
A26  The examination result is represented as grades. The legend of grades is:
D: 50% – 54%, C: 55% – 64%, B: 65% – 74%, A: 75% – 84%, S: 85% and over, F : Fail (<50%)

Q27 If I get admission to O/A/B or C level of NIELIT after successfully completing CCC can I get any benefit of CCC?
A27  No.

Q28 If I pass the CCC examination, who will issue the CCC certificate?
A28  The CCC certificates to the successful candidates will be issued by the NIELIT.

Q29 If I pass the CCC examination, can I have to collect my CCC certificate from NIELIT or it will be dispatched to me?
A29  With effect from November 2014, digitally signed e-certificates are being issued to the candidates who pass the CCC examination conducted by NIELIT. The digitally signed e-certificates can be downloaded by the successful candidates from the website of NIELIT Successful candidates can save the pdf file of e-certificate of CCC for future use.
Q30 What can I do, in case of mistake found in my certificate? What is the process of reissuance in this case?
A30  No correction request will be entertained by NIELIT for online examination application form submission, implemented with effect from 5-Sep-2013. The correction request will be entertained only for offline form filled by the candidates prior to launch of online portal( The guidelines are given at

Q31 What can I do, in case of lost/mutilated certificates? What is the process of reissuance in this case?
A31  A duplicate certificate is issued to those candidates whose certificate has been lost / mutilated. The guidelines are given at

Q32 I have downloaded my e-certificate, but the e–certificate displays a question mark and signature are not verified message?
A32  This occurs when the digital certificate and digital signature associated with the PDF file have not yet been verified on your computer system. You need to verify the digital signatures on your computer system.

Q33 How to validate digital signatures on the e-certificate?
A33  The steps to validate digital signatures are provided at the website of NIELIT After validation of digital signatures, the digital signature should now display a check mark.