Cyber Security & Forensics Division

Redefining Skills in Digital Forensics to the Next Level - Passion of NIELIT

  • DSCI EXCELLENCE AWARDS IN 2022: Winner of Excellence in Capacity building in cyber crimes, cyber law, and Digital forensics by Academia.
  • FORENSICS DATA CENTRE: NIELIT is one of the few Labs in the country to be equipped forensics Data Centre, based on advanced technology which enables sharing of cyber forensic tools and resources and aids in cloud-based remote acquisition and analysis of digital evidences.
  • SELF-BASED LEARNING: Learners can learn digital forensics courses anytime and from anywhere at their own comfortable pace. Learners have access to study materials, video lectures, hands-on practicals, quizzes, and cases studies.
  • IT RESOURCE MONITORING AND INCIDENT RESPONSE FRAMEWORK: support remote live forensic investigations in a fast, scalable manner which allows analysts to quickly perform analysis remotely. It facilitates acquiring digital evidence from a huge number of systems concurrently.
  • KNOWLEDGE-BASE ON CYBER FORENSICS TOOLS: A centralized repository on various cyber forensics tools has been created to assist forensics analysts, law enforcement agencies, and aspiring young professionals in digital forensics.

Services to Organization & Citizens

  • Catering to the needs of Law Enforcement Agencies(LEA) for solving cybercrime cases in NE States. 500 + cyber crime cases have been solved.
  • First and only operational Cyber forensics R&D Lab with state-of-art technical facility in the State of Nagaland since 2010.
  • Being expanded to Regional Resource Centre in Cyber Forensics (RSCCF) with specialised services to Police in entire North East States in the area of cyber crime investigation. 
  • Regular graded training at various levels to Law enforcement & judiciary in NE States. 3000 + have been trained.

Our Expertise

  • Cyber crime Investigation - Extracting, analysing and presenting digital evidence from Digital & Network Devices and Cloud.
  • The only Institute in Nagaland providing State-of-Art Trainings on Cyber security, Cyber forensics and Cybercrime investigation for empowering and educating law enforcement agency and budding.

In-house Developed Software Tools

Learning Management System:  Web based Virtual Training environment for online training with hands-on practical, where learners can connect anytime and from anywhere.

HelpDesk: Web based helpdesk to provide and assist the police while performing cybercrime investigations.



Cyber Crime Case Management: Web based case management systems: for storing, chain of custody & report generations of cybercrime cases forwarded by police to cyber forensics lab.






Live Web Acquisition Tool: To acquire fake webpages as digital evidence including automated screen capturing.

ICSAS APP: The interactive multilingual Cyber Security Educational Mobile App called Initiative for Cyber Secure Aware Society (ICSAS) is developed by NIELIT Kohima. This user-friendly app empowers the citizens with comprehensive knowledge to protect oneself from online and also to stay ahead of cyber threats. The ICSAS app includes videos, do’s and don'ts, games, assessments, tip of the day, posters, AI-based face detection attendance marking system, cybercrime reporting, geolocation of the nearest police stations to lodge FIRs, and reporting of cyber incidents to concerned agencies and many more. During the GPAI Summit 2023, the ICSAS App new feature; Attendance Tracking with AI Face Detection was showcase which is equipped with cutting edge, facial recognition with facial motion tracker for instant and accurate attendance, and live multiple Face Detection for minimizing proxy attendance. The app is currently available in Hindi, English, 16 regional languages, and 7 international languages Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin- Chinese, Basha-Indonesian and Arabic.


Regional Resource Centre in Cyber Forensics with State-of-the-Art technologies and tools including cloud-enabled sharing of resources and remote analysis services in the region.