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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Ref No. Issue Date Subject
NIELIT/SR/EO152/Admn./1146 21 June, 2017 Sh. Abhineet Kumar Choudhary is appointed to the post of Junior Assistant in NIELIT HQ 60.8 KB
NIELIT/HQ/MIS(CH)/01/03(Vol.V)/1140 21 June, 2017 Office order reg. promotion of Chandigarh & Shimla employees under PoP policy 102.54 KB
NIELIT/HQ/MIS(CH)/01/03(Vol.V)/1139 21 June, 2017 Office order reg. promotion of Ms. Karunasheel under PoP policy 68.93 KB
1(16)/2013-NIELIT Vol.II/1126 19 June, 2017 Shri Vijay Kumar, Scientist 'C' stands relieved from his duties in NIELIT HQ 56.65 KB
1(34)/2017-NIELIT/1104 15 June, 2017 Office order reg. use of forms and proformas in NIELIT 634.13 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14(Vol. IV)/1079 09 June, 2017 Office order regarding transfers and reporting structure of NIELIT Employees 306.65 KB
1(45)/2016-NIELIT/1067 08 June, 2017 Office order reg. visit of Nodal officers to their respective NIELIT Centres 293.64 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14(Vol.IV)/1062 07 June, 2017 Office order reg. transfers 147.86 KB
1(51)/2017-NIELIT/1059 07 June, 2017 Office order reg. transfer of Sh. Umakant Tripathi NIELIT HQ to Bhubaneshwar 428.73 KB
1(1)/2017-NIELIT/1046 06 June, 2017 Office order reg. completion of Police verification of Shri Nitesh Kumar Singh 310.1 KB
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