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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India

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Ref No. Issue Date Subject
1(27)/2011-NIELIT(Vol.IV)/775 11 July, 2019 Office Order regarding completion of probation period of NIELIT Employees. 97.33 KB
1(27)/2011-NIELIT(Vol.IV)/774 11 July, 2019 OM regarding guidelines to follow while forwarding Special Probation Clearance Report(s) to NIELIT Headquarters. 64.49 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT/756 09 July, 2019 OM regarding adherence to attendance and punctuality in NIELIT 197.3 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT(Vol. II)/737 07 July, 2019 OM regarding Chief Finance Officer, NIELIT to be the link officer for First Appellate Authority, NIELIT 228.56 KB
1[73]2014-NIELIT/671 21 June, 2019 Office Order regarding taking Sh. Rajeev Talwar, Chief Finance Officer on the rolls of NIELIT HQs. w.e.f. 31/05/2019 [A/N]. 246 KB
1[16]/2013-NIELIT/Vol-III/667 21 June, 2019 Office Order regarding taking Sh. Onkar Bansal, Jr. Assistant on the rolls of NIELIT HQs w.e.f. 14/06/2019 [F/N]. 280.57 KB
NIELIT/SR/E0148/Admn./648 14 June, 2019 Office Order regarding additional duties assigned to Sh. Lalit Kumar Dabi, Scientist 'B' / Assistant Director (Tech.), NIELIT HQ. 50.15 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT(Vol. II)/635 11 June, 2019 Office memorandum regarding link officer in respect of Vigilance Officer, NIELIT Headquarters. 54.79 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14(Vol. VIII)/626 07 June, 2019 Office Order Regarding Transfer of NIELIT Employees. 109.55 KB
64(4)/2018-NIELIT/616 06 June, 2019 Corrigendum regarding OM No. 64(4)/2018-NIELIT/518 dated 17/05/2019. 484.79 KB
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