Forms/ Proformas followed in NIELIT

S. No Particulars of the Forms/ Proforma  
1 Proforma for claiming reimbursement of (OPD) medical expenses incurred on quarterly basis Download
2 Holiday / Saturday/ Sunday Compensation Claim Form Download
3 LTC Settlement Claim Form Download
4 Requisition for LTC advance Download
5-A Reimbursement of claim for Newspaper Bill (for claim upto 31/03/2018) Download
5-B Reimbursement of claim for Newspaper Bill (w.e.f. 01/04/2018) Download
6-A TA claim for Tour Download
6-B Appendix to TA/DA Tour Claim Form(6-A) Download
7 Approval for Tour/ TA advance Download
8 TA claim for Transfer Download
9 Conveyance Reimbursement Form Download
10 Reimbursement of Tuition Fee (Old and Obsolete) Download
11 Requisition for Taxi Download
12 Stores Requisition Slip (Consumables) Download
13 Stores Requisition Slip (Non-Consumables)  Download
14 Store Return Voucher Download
15 Requisition for Air-Tickets Download
16 Certificate by officer about performing air journey/ cancellation there of in public interest Download
17 Proforma for seeking relaxation for travel by other Airlines Download
18 Tour Report Proforma Download
19 MeitY Proforma for issue of Gate Pass to non-official / temporary employees Download
20 MeitY Proforma for issue of Gate Pass to Trainees  Download
21 MeitY Proforma for issue of Gate Pass to officials Download
22 Joining Report proforma upon promotion Download
23 Joining Report proforma after returning from regular kind of leave Download
24 No  Dues Certificate Proforma Download
25 Requisition for manual updation of AEBAS attendance record Download
26 CCL Application Form Download
27 CL/RH leave application form (w.e.f. 27/05/2020) Download
28 EL/ EOL/ HPL/ Commuted leave application form (w.e.f. 27/05/2020) Download
29 Form for giving prior intimation or seeking prior sanction for transaction of Immovable Property Download
30 Proforma for furnishing information for permission for going abroad Download
31 Proforma for undertaking to resign for applying for job outside organisation Download
32 Standard Bond to be executed for higher education/ training sponsored by NIELIT Download
33 Proforma for Station Leave Download
34 Application for NOC for applying for Passport Download
35 Oath of Allegiance Download
36 Declaration of Hometown Download
37 Declaration of Marital Status Download
38 Nomination for Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity Download
39 Family details as per Rule Download
40 Family details for TA/LTC Download
41 Proforma for self-certification for availing LTC Download
42 Application for change of Hometown Download
43 Annual Immovable Property Return (w.e.f. 27/05/2020) Download
44 Special Probation Clearance Report - for non S&T Employees Download
45 Special Probation Clearance Report - for Group A S&T Employees Download
46 Special Probation Clearance Report - for below Group A S&T Employees Download
47 Proforma for "Joining Report on Transfer" Download
48 Proforma for Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy (Revised as per 7CPC) Download
49 Application For Grant Of Permission To Pursue Higher Qualification Download
50 Form for giving intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(3) of the CCS (conduct) Rules, 1964 for transaction in respect of movable property (w.e.f. 27/05/2020) Download