Gym and Sports

NIELIT Ropar’s gym and sports facilities promote physical well-being, foster a sense of community, and cultivate a passion for sports and fitness among students. If one wants to achieve personal fitness goals or simply enjoy fitness activities, NIELIT Ropar provides recreational sports by providing resources and support necessary for a fulfilling athletic experience.


NIELIT Ropar has gymnasiums equipped with cutting-edge fitness equipment catering to a wide range of workout preferences and fitness levels. The gym facilities include:


  1. Cardiovascular Equipment

  2. Strength Training Area

  3. Group Exercise Areas

In addition to the gym facilities, NIELIT provides sports facilities to cater to diverse sporting interests. Some of the key sports facilities include:


1.Indoor Sports Complex: The indoor complex features badminton courts, carrom board, Chess etc. providing students with opportunities for year-round indoor sports activities.


2.Outdoor Sports Fields: Outdoor fields accommodate various sports such as, cricket, hockey and football allowing students to participate in organized in tournaments, and recreational games.


3.Tennis Courts: Well-maintained tennis courts are available for students to enjoy tennis matches and practice sessions, whether for leisure or competitive play.