Library and Journals



  • To establish and maintain an effective relationship with the students, faculty, researchers and staff of the Institute to ensure an informed and integrated approach to the creation and delivery of information services.

  • To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in print, non-print and digital forms, regardless of physical location, to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the Institute.

  • To facilitate and promote access to the fast growing and expanding collection of digital sources of primary and secondary information.

  • To develop and provide quality collections/resources, user facilities and library staff, to maintain an environment conducive to study and research.

  • To create and deliver a range of networked information and document delivery services that encourage the study, scholarship and collaborative learning.

  • To manage the information resources effectively and actively promote the optimum usage.

  • To serve as Learning Resource Centre for knowledge management development in the area of Engineering, Science & Technology and related areas.

  • To collaborate with other libraries, networks and consortia to optimize the access to knowledge base.

  • To continually evaluate services and resource provision to ensure relevance and cost effectiveness.


National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) is also a part of National Digital Library of India (NDLI). The students and staff can access and download 6.5 million books in vernacular languages of multiple National and International Digital Libraries.

National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual repository of learning resources which is not just a repository with search/browse facilities but provides a host of services for the learner community. It is sponsored and mentored by Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). Filtered and federated searching is employed to facilitate focused searching so that learners can find the right resource with least effort and in minimum time. NDLI provides user group-specific services such as Examination Preparatory for School and College students and job aspirants. Services for Researchers and general learners are also provided.



NDLI is designed to hold content of any language and provides interface support for 10 most widely used Indian languages. It is built to provide support for all academic levels including researchers and life-long learners, all disciplines, all popular forms of access devices and differently-abled learners. It is designed to enable people to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researchers to perform inter-linked exploration from multiple sources. 


Library Facilities for Students

1. Book Request

Students can give recommendation for procurement of any Books, Journals and Magazines (Foreign as well as National). The requests are examined and procurement of the same is done.

2. Facilities for Downloading

There is adequate seating facility besides stack of computers for downloading research papers, e-Journals, e-Books and other reading material.

3. Rich Collection of Books

Dive into a world of knowledge with variety of books on cutting-edge techologies. From Electronics to Web applications. Delve into emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, Bloackchain and more through the rich collection of books.

4. Access Premier Journals

Explore over many esteemed National journals and magazines at our library. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest research and insights in your field. Elevate your academic journey with access to premier publications

5. Access Leading Newspapers

Get access to all leading newspapers in English, Hindi, and Punjabi at our library. Stay updated with the latest news, trends, and insights from around the world. Enhance your knowledge and broaden your perspective with our extensive newspaper collection.