Ethical Hacking Lab


NIELIT Ropar is committed to serve the technocrats of the society who belong to this active cyber world that is plagued by enumerable cyber threats. To cater this NIELIT Ropar has designed a basic Course in Cyber Security entitled “Ethical Hacking” that would provide the enrolled student a brief stint in to the ever growing realm of Cyber Security. 


The course focuses on building skillset toward Cyber Security. For the convenience of learner a 4 weeks Basic module and an Advance Module of same duration have been designed which may be combined for complete 8 weeks duration. Further a separate 6 weeks duration module has also been designed keeping in view the requirements of the students. The course intends to provide the students basic understanding of Cyber Security Concepts.

Course Outcome:

After completion of the course the candidate would have the basic knowledge with regards to the field of Cyber Security.

  • The candidate will be able to understand and communicate effectively any security related issues in a professional environment.
  • The participant will be able to perform primitive diagnosis with regards to the cyber security events. 
  • The candidate will achieve an understanding of what a Cyber Secure posture is when it come s to an organisation or an individual.
  • The candidate will be able to execute basic counter measures in order to prevent the further spreading of Cyber Attacks.




A candidate who is a Diploma Holder or Graduate or Postgraduate or who is pursuing the mentioned qualifications is eligible for the course.

Duration and Fees:


  • 40 hrs for 4 Weeks, @ 2 hrs per day, for 5 days a week,  for Rs. 2200/- + GST for online mode
  • 60 hrs for 6 Weeks, @ 2 hrs per day, for 5 days a week, for Rs. 3250/- + GST for online Mode
  • 80 hrs for 8 Weeks, @ 2 hrs per day, for 5 days a week,  for Rs. 4200/- + GST for online mode.

Assessment and Certification: 

After undergoing this course, the candidate will be assessed based on project development during the course and a certificate of NIELIT is issued.

Brief Contents:

  • 4 Weeks : 1) Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Network Attacks, Enumeration, Vulnerability Assessment 
  • 6 Weeks : All topics covered in 4 weeks plus 5) Exploiting Web Applications and 6) Cryptography
  • 8 Weeks : All topics covered in 6 weeks plus, 7) Hacking Wireless Networks and 8) Cyber laws, Incident Handling and Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Tentative Start Months:

January, April, July, August, October, every year





Registration Process:


The registration to above mentioned courses shall be open one month prior to start of the courses. 


Course Coo-dinator:

Mr. Raminder Singh, Scientist ‘E’, Phone: 9915922152, Email: raminder[at]nielit[dot]gov[dot]in

Mr. Akash Sharan, Scientist ‘B’, Phone: 9005136243, Email: akashsharan[at]nielit[dot]gov[dot]in

List of Experiments to be performed in the Ethical Hacking Course:

  1. Demonstration of Footprinting

  2. Demonstrating Network Attacks 

  3. Performing Malware Analysis through Reverse Engineering using Decompilation

  4. Using and Understanding Metasploit Framework

  5. Web application hacking based on (DVWA) – I 

  6. Usage of crypt tool to perform Digital Certificate and Signature experiment

  7. How to perform Email Encryption  

  8. Performing Password Cracking

  9. How to perform Email Header Analysis

  10. How to perform Disk Encryption

  11. Performing Steganography: - Text, Audio and Video Steganography

  12. Wireless hacking tools and Securing Wireless Networks

  13. Hacking Mobile Phones 

  14. How to perform Capture the flag (CTF –I) events