Campus Committees / Cells

NIELIT Ropar University is a “Gurkul of Technology”. The Decorum and Discipline of a “Gurukul” are of prime importance from the point of view of the students studying in the Institute.

To implement the same in campus various Committees / Cells have been formed and these are enlisted below along with their specific purpose and respective members of the Committees / Cells



Name of Comittees/Cells


    Anti-Ragging Cell


   Anti-Discrimination Cell


   Gender Sensitisation Cell


   Grievance Redressal Cell





Anti-Ragging Cell

NIELIT Ropar deters any kind of ragging activities in its campus, thus it is strictly prohibited in the campus. A cell has been formed to prevent any Ragging related events from occurring in the campus and comprises of the following 3 members:



1. Dr. Sunita Chib, Scientist 'E'

2. Sh. Raminder Singh, Scientist 'E'

3. Sh. Prakash Pratik, STA


Anti-Discrimination Cell

NIELIT Ropar is a workplace that provides equal opportunities to all, be it students or staff. The institute offers a conducive environment in which every individual can prosper. Thus any issues related to Caste, Creed, Ethnicity, Religion and Differential Ability that deprives any student/ Staff of their due right is strictly dealt by the Institute’s 3-member committee that is



1. Sh. Sachin Chandla, Scientist 'D'

2. Sh. Rakesh Bharti, Scientist 'D'

3. Ms. Anju Bala, Sr. PS


Gender Sensitization Cell

NIELIT Ropar practices gender equality in all spheres of activities and staunchly believes that masculine and feminine both the genders are same and thus deserve indistinguishable fortuity. Any kind of gender bias is not tolerated and a 3-member committee has been formed to look into any such issues.



1. Ms. Anita Budhiraja, Scientist 'E'

2. Ms. Sonia Suri, Scientist 'D'

3. Ms. Suman, Sr. Technical Officer

Grievance Redressal Cell

It is rightly said that students are backbone of any campus and NIELIT Ropar is committed to provide a world class campus full of fundamental amenities to its students. Still if any student is not satisfied with the existing facilities related to the campus / hostel, he/she has full liberty to raise his/her concerns to a 3-member panel that comprise of the following members enlisted below.



1. Sh. Arvind Rawat, Joint Director (F&A)

2. Dr. Sarwan Singh, Scientist 'D'

3. Sh. Akash Sharan, Scientist 'B'