Diploma in .Net Technologies

Objective: This course is designed primarily for candidates who want be trained in Web technology (ASP.NET with C#)  to get knowledge of creating and designing websites.

Brief Course Contents

.NET Framework

.NET Overview, Framework Class Library, Assemblies and Namespaces, Common Language Runtime, Base Classes, Intermediate Language

OOPs in C#

OOPs Concepts, Objects and Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism

Introduction to ASP.NET
Standard Controls

Labels, Textbox, Buttons

Introduction to C#

C# basics – Evolution, Features, Applications, Data types, C# statements – Selection

C# statements

Looping, Functions, Arrays and strings

Controls in ASP.NET

Checkbox, RadioButton , Button, Link Button, Hyperlink

Other Controls

Dropdownlist, Bulletedlist, Checkboxlist, Radiobuttonlist, Image Controls, File Upload Control, Adrotater control, Calendar Control, Multiviews, Concepts of Master Pages, Themes and skins, User Controls, Validation Controls, Security, Querystrings, Cookies , Session and Application Variables,

Site Navigation controls, Tabbed Pages, Crosspage Posting

Database Concepts and Normalization


Creating database and tables in SQL Server, Connecting to a database , Database connectivity using MS-Access.

Data controls

Gridview, Datalist, Repeater, Concepts of templates, Formview, Creating Classes and Objects, Creating Dynamic Link Libraries, attaching references, Configuration Sections,

Introduction to AJAX, LINQ

Project Work

Eligibility: Diploma in computer applications/DOEACC O, A, B/M.Sc IT/BSc. IT/MCA/BCA or others with relevant experience in computers.

6 Months Part time
Rs.20 000/-

At the time of Admission Within 2 Months
Rs 12,000/- Rs 8,000/-