Hospital Management Information System

Sector:            Health                                                                                          
Architecture:  Client-Server

NIELIT Chandigarh Centre has developed Web based Hospital Management Software for RML Hospital that take the help of latest technology to manage the working of hospital. Being modular in nature it easily integrates various aspects of hospital like OPD Registration, IPD, OPD Pharmacy (Drugs Distribution), Purchase and Stores. Its ready to use feature makes it very suitable for fastest implementation.


  • Patient record is easily accessible. Visits of the patient can be tracked.
  • Require less Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less.
  • Enhance patient care in a cost-effective manner.
  • Fast, Smart and Accurate bills.
  • The Doctors would spend their precious time more in clinical activities than to put in clerical activities otherwise

Main Modules

Out Patient Management (OPD):

Registering a new OPD patient

  • Acquiring of patient demographic details
  • Assigns an unique Central Patient Identifier(CPID) to Identify a patient across OPD and IPD on first visit
  • Assigns an unique OPD Registration Identifier(OPID)
  • Automatic fixing of appointment schedule (Location, Date, Time and Doctor)
  • Generate OPD Card
  • Request for an appointments
  •  Cancellation of an appointment

A) Registering a patient on revisit to OPD for re-consultation
B) Registering a patient on revisit to pharmacy for repeat medicine-Generates MIS Reports
C) Enquiry


  • Sample collection entry for each test
  • Test Result / Investigation Entry for each test
  • Generates report on each test result
  • Lab reports can be viewed on-screen
  • Scheduling and monitoring of Lab inventory
  • Generates MIS & DSS reports for each Labs
  • Enquiry

Inpatient Management (IPD):

A) Admission processing (assigns a unique IPID, Bed No., Ward No. etc.)
B) Discharge processing along with discharge reports.
C) Transfer between the same or different departments, and within wards
D) Capturing basic data regarding health & treatment (Temperature, Blood Group etc.)

  • Diet prescriptions and diet scheduling
  • Drug prescriptions and drug scheduling
  • Lab Investigations and OT scheduling
  • Maintains and monitors appointment.
  • Maintains and monitors bed occupancy
  • Maintains and monitors patient at ICU
  • Generates reports on admission, discharge, transfer, death, bed occupancy, etc.

Central Store Management:
A) Issue and distribution of items
B) Keep track of items issued to different departments.
C) Maintain stock accounting of all items
D) Keep track of indents raised.
E) Keep track of received items
F) Generates Weekly / Monthly / Yearly stock and consumption reports e.g., items Arrival / issued, D.R.R for OPD Pharmacy and keeps a record of all supply orders, challans and invoice details.
G) Duty Rosters of stores
H) Enquiry.

MIS Report Generation modules

This module facilitates On-line Queries and generation of highly useful information needed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by hospitals management (HODs , MS Operational planning purpose, Administrative purpose, Medical Record Department (MRD) and Wards . Following are the list of details that will be generated for any specific period (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly/Yearly):

A) New In-Patients Admission List
B) Patients Discharge List
C) Patients Transfer List
D) In-Patients List as on any date
E) In-Patient Register
F) Investigation Status Report
G) Out-Patients Consultation Register
H) Out-Patients Consultation Statistics
I) New Registrations Statistics
J) Bed Occupancy / Vacant Status
H) Ward-wise Report
K) Out-Patients Statistics
L) In-Patients Consultation Statistics