Great emphasis is laid on both the theoretical and practical aspects of training. The Nielit Delhi Centre, over the years, has developed a number of print material such as textbooks, laboratory manuals, handouts/other materials,project reports etc. which is given to the students/participants attending the training courses.








Library Rules

  1. To borrow a book or visit the Library the student must become the Library member.
  2. Students are allowed to borrow books as per availability and regulation.
  3. Students can avail Library facility during the working hours only.
  4. Reference books are accessible only in the Library and will not be issued.
  5. Delay in returning books will be fined at the rate of Rs.10 per day.
  6. Student shall be responsible for the loss of books, and will have to compensate for it in kind or cash.
  7. Students are expected to maintain complete silence inside the Library.
  8. Handbags, rucksack, backpack, knapsack, are restricted inside the Library.
  9. Students have to pay library security deposit of Rs.500 to become the member of the library (which is refundable after adjustment of fine, if any, after the completion of the respective course).