Role of NIELIT Delhi

NIELIT Delhi has been nominated as Co-Lead Centre for three technologies

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Social and Mobile
  3. Cloud Computing

The training courses under the scheme are Government Officials Training (GoT) specially designed for the employees of the government sector and Bridge Course for the working IT professionals.

Training imparted by NIELIT Delhi

Performing the role assigned NIELIT Delhi has already imparted training to the various central government officials under this scheme in all three technologies. The officials were trained under the course Government Officials Training (GoT) specially designed for the officials of government departments to ensure continued relevance of the government officials in this rapidly changing technological environment. This initiative has also facilitated the department with the availability of the trained manpower for embracing new opportunities in emerging technologies for catering the department’s in-house requirement.

List of few Central Government Departments whose officials have undergone training are:

  1. LokSabha Secretariat
  2. National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia
  3. Border Security Force